Why Gold?

<<Only with gold can you protect your savings from expropriation to citizens.>>

The role of gold in relation to heritage conservation Article: "Gold and economic freedom" Alan Greenspan, year 1966

“Without the Gold Standard monetary system, there is no possibility to protect savings from” expropriation “generated by inflation. There is no longer a reserve of certain value. Modern financial policy has meant that the owner of a property does not have a chance to protect himself. This is the shabby secret behind the demonization of the investment in gold disclosed by the representatives of the welfare state. Public debt is a simple mechanism for the “hidden” expropriation of assets. Gold prevents this insidious process by protecting property rights. Once you understand this, it will no longer be so difficult to understand why the welfare state representatives are against the Gold Standard. “

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Some good reasons for diversifying physical fine gold savings:

  • Gold has people's trust and is a real guarantee because it is imperishable.
  • Gold is rare and its extraction is limited.
  • Gold has its own internal production cost; the creation of money instead costs almost nothing.
  • Gold is not linked to public debt and is not subject to inflation
  • Gold is money because it fulfills three important functions: it is a means of payment / exchange, has a unit of measurement (the ounce = 31.1g) and creates savings.
  • Gold maintains its purchasing power for generations and its value will never drop to zero.
  • The value of gold is defined every day in any currency in the world (LBMA price).
  • Gold can be monetized immediately.

Our advice: Convert a part (from 10 to 20%) of the current savings and continue to buy fine gold periodically.

Where do I go to make sure I buy LBMA certified fine gold?

Where can I keep gold until I live in anxiety?

Who should I contact if I want to sell it and monetize my gold partially or totally?

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