The market

In 2000 the market for the purchase of physical investment gold was liberalized. In all countries of the world both individuals and companies have received a diversification of their savings by buying gold bars up to 999.9 (24k)

World gold request 2014-2018, data are in tons

All world needs gold and its advantages:

World demand for gold reached 4,396 t / year; the production of the mines is around 3,000 t / year, the difference comes from the recovery of the gold used.

Information do different!

In countries with more information, people have regularly purchased the refuge property par excellence since the year 2000. The volumes with the beginning of the 2008 crisis are very significant.

With physical gold, private individuals conserve and protect their savings.

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Breakdown of the gold market
The “bullion and coins” sector for private individuals has experienced significant growth since 2007:

+ 150% (from 437 t to 1,091 t / year).

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