SECURITY: Our prestigious partner

Heimerle + Meule

Precious metals are their passion. Day after day they renew it. Heimerle + Meule, the oldest gold and silver foundry, together with their products, their philosophy and their entrepreneurial history, is synonymous with lasting values. Founded in 1845 in the golden city of Pforzheim, it has become a complete supplier in the European precious metal processing sector.

For Heimerle + Meule, the customer has always been at the center. Safe, confident and competent. These are the conditions that characterize it as a correct and loyal partner. The roots in tradition and openness to innovative ideas create the basis for convincing solutions.

Safety, trust and competence - for over 170 years:

  • Founded in 1845 in Pforzheim (Germany)
  • It is the oldest German gold and silver foundry
  • Parent company of the Heimerle + Meule Group
  • Heimerle + Meule Group melts over 40 tons of gold per year
  • With around 750 employees across Europe
  • Branches in Birmingham, London, Amsterdam, Lyon, Paris, Madrid, Porto and Vienna
  • Around 1.4 billion euros in annual turnover
  • Location of the security deposit for Inmodo-Aurum customers

In the metalprecious sector, knowledge and experience are important, but first of all seriousness. For this reason they are very attentive to respect for ethical principles. It was the first company in Europe that managed to obtain certification according to the guidelines of the CFSI as a conflict-free gold operator. In addition, the LBMA added the company to the Good Delivery List for gold – a guarantee for sustainable, long-lasting and intact investments.

Others certify excellence:

Heimerle + Meule entered the Possehl group in 1951

The Possehl company group, born in 1847, became part of the Possehl foundation from 04.02.1919. The foundation supports cultural, humanitarian and social projects in the German city of Lübeck, the birthplace of the founder. In the twentieth century the group acquired worldwide development. The group is made up of 150 companies operating in 8 strategic sectors, 12,000 employees work there, generating an annual turnover of around 3.5 billion Euros.

Supported by this strong group, Heimerle + Meule satisfies all customer needs by keeping the promise “precious metals without borders”.

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