360 degree service

We are glad that you have decided to deepen the reading up to this point to get to know our service better.

Inmodo-Aurum as manager of the deposit account in fine gold, with the sole supplier Heimerle + Meule, proposes a framework agreement – unique in its kind in Italy – for the creation of the personal gold reserve.

The objective of this framework agreement is to leave the owner of the deposit account peaceful, offering complete control of the same, without constraints and / or obligations. Control is total, once activated it is the customer who decides the extent of the purchases, but has the opportunity to change the set mode and always has the option to stop them.

The framework agreement with the 360 degree service satisfies the 3 fundamental questions:

Where do I go to make sure I buy LBMA certified fine gold?

With us you can buy gold up to 999.9 / 1000 (24c) with the LBMA certification.
Our sole metal supplier and the oldest German foundry, Heimerle + Meule.

Where can I keep gold until I live in anxiety?

Your fine gold will be safe in the maximum security vault, the case is included in the service.
The maximum security vault is located in the foundry headquarters

Who should I contact if I want to sell it and monetize my gold partially or totally?

Asone LTD, at any time, can make an offer for the repurchase of gold at the price of the quotation
Daily LBMA without applying commissions! Our supplier Heimerle + Meule always needs gold.

You can also enjoy the following services at no additional cost:

  • You decide the amounts and frequency of purchases of fine gold for the personal gold reserve.
  • You can increase, decrease, stop and reactivate the periodic purchase at any time.
  • You can make additional / extraordinary payments to the deposit at any time.
  • With access to the reserved area you have total control of your fine gold deposit account. Online access is open 24 hours a day and is 100% free.
  • The delivery of accumulated gold to your home is possible at any time via a transport of valuables (the cost of transport is charged to the customer).


With us you can buy gold up to INCLUDING the 360 degree service that will make you:

  • Save time searching for an LBMA certified supplier;
  • Save time to find a safe for your gold (e.g. in a bank);
  • Save the time to secure the safe;
  • Save the annual costs for the safe and insurance;
  • Save time searching for a buyer when you want to sell your gold;
  • Collect more money from the sale for the lack of commissions.
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